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November 17th, 2017

having the hardest time committing to a tattoo design.

i need to just pick one and do it already!

November 16th, 2017

"my brain has too many tabs open"

February 6th, 2013

Thanks to Daniel Henney for tweeting this pic of me getting him groomed for his big premiere of ‘The Last Stand’.  Director Jee Woon Kim’s first American feature with a great cast of actors!  Support and watch now!

February 6th, 2013

VDAY LOVE!!!  This is one of my fave lookbooks for 2020ave!  They just keep raising the bar everytime!  I loved the Chinatown concept.  We got to use the poppin’ reds and pinks on the lips for a flirty but cool V-day look.  Thanks to The Social Trust for always making the shoots DOPE!

February 6th, 2013

Love the Winter Freeze lookbook for 2020ave!!!

Cheebo was definitely killin’ the looks and nailed the California beach winter look. 

February 6th, 2013

Check out my lash tutorial on Nylon TV!!!!

October 10th, 2012

Today was the premiere for Fox Searchlight’s THE SESSIONS and I got to work with the beautiful mommy to be Moon Bloodgood!  We decided to go for a a soft smokey eye and sculpted flawless glowy face.  Since Moon is about 7 months into her pregnancy we wanted to bring out her features and focus on really contouring the face and even skin tone.  The beautiful rich grey tone flowy dress she wore matched this effortless sultry yet classy makeup and hair look.   Another beautiful red carpet night especially with the premiere being held at LACMA!! 

THE SESSIONS starring Helen Hunt, Moon Bloodgood, John Hawkes, and William H. Macy will definitely be getting a lot of buzz and in my mind a definite Oscar contender.  I was surprised at the range of emotions I felt throughout this movie!  A rare gem of a movie to tell such an amazing true story while balancing the humor and the sincerity of it all.  Please go and watch!  Click on THE SESSIONS to watch the trailer.

red carpet beauty

cast photo

lacma premiere

moment with the girls

beauty team

September 19th, 2012

Nylon TV shoot day again!

First I got to work with Alex Frnka from MTV’s Inbetweeners.  Alex was sweet and decided to go for a retro winged eyeliner eye with a nice pink pop of color on the lips.  She wore a great retro dress for her video on her favorite holiday sugar cookies recipe!  We all loved her sweet retro look and the delicious cookies!  Thanks for hooking us up!

For the next video,  Nylon TV wanted to do a makeup/hair tutorial with Greer Grammer on MTV’s Awkward.  The tutorial was based on Greer’s favorite type of look all around, which was classic 40’s.  We decided to do a homage to the 40’s look but added a  modern twist!  Greer is an absolute doll and very down to earth with a boho edge.  All the looks turned out beautiful and I cannot wait to share these videos with you all soon!

Keep a look out for the video link to this tutorial!!!

alex frnka homemaker

mic'd up

these cookies were bomb!

hair prep

ooh la la

on screen time

finished look!

September 15th, 2012

Let me just say this, after working in this industry for so long I don’t really get fazed much anymore.  I have worked in a lot of hotels during awards show season, but why have I never heard about Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills??????  As soon as you drive up, you are wondering how this place has been hiding.  Then when you walk into this super slick 40’s inspired lobby you get thrown off completely!  The glass billiard table ended it for me!!!  This hotel feels like a Mad Men set that you can walk into. 

I got to the room to set up my makeup area for the Nylon TV party and was in shock by the beautiful designs of the room!  Pictures cannot even capture the atmosphere of this place.  Go and check out this hotel for drinks with friends or a weekend getaway. 

I got Nylon TV producer Heather Catania and Host Jennifer Humphrey (a fashionista blogger) all glammed up and ready to go for the live streaming interviews.  We all had another memorable night in Hollywood!

welcome to mr. c hotel

mad men bar

what a room

my makeup corner

red leather vanity room for touch ups!

sitting at this bar feels like going into a time machine

i am coming back just to play on this glass billiard table! wtf????

nylon tv party at last! live streaming

streaming live interview with host jennifer humphrey

that's right keepin it real!!

September 13th, 2012

Today was another one of those days that I feel so blessed to do what I LOVE to do. Working at TOMS always feels like a vacay.  I mean a coffee barista that makes your coffee with a smile and puts a heart in your cup or playing a little ping-pong to bounce off creative ideas?  Is this a real workplace?  I love it here~ 

We shot some of the new sunglasses coming out this fall.  I had a great time as usual and got to work with one of the creative directors Patrick who has a great aesthetic vision for the inspirations he comes up with.  What a seriously cool group.  But what else would you expect at TOMS right?

yes i am at toms!

my personalized coffee of love

love love love my makeup picnic table

in action!

fall frames

toms in session

toms model workin the camera

my suzie k fan club

ping-pong time is all the time